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My kids love the local pet shop.  

We can’t walk past it without multiple protests from them.   

Our oldest, Hayden, takes great delight in showing his younger siblings the assorted animals, explaining what they are.   

“Look Madison, fish!”  “Look Logi Bear (our nickname for Logan), hermit crabs!”  

And then there are the hamsters.  You may know them as guinea pigs, small furry critters in their hutches.   

Invariably they have one of those wheels in their inclosure.  You know what I mean, their little legs moving quickly, the wheel turning, but the hamster isn’t going anywhere.  Lots of activity, but no progress.  

Sound familiar?  

Sometimes we suffer from “Hamster on a Wheel Syndrome.”   

John Wooden said, “Never mistake activity with achievement.”  We seem to be doing something, but no progress is being made.  We reflect on our lives and can see little change.  

I’ve seen a lot of people who some would say have 10 years experience.  I would suggest that they have one years experience 10 times.  

Don’t be a hamster on a wheel.  

Change, grow, develop!  

Do something to ensure that you can reflect on this year in the knowledge that you have evolved, learned new skills and taken risks.  Be deliberate in your aims, set goals for your development and do something this week that will get you off the wheel and back on track.  

Life’s too short to do anything else.  

Who’s with me? 

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