When I first started blogging, one of the scariest things that I did was to click on the “Publish” button.  My finger would hesitate over the mouse and the heart-rate would increase slightly, partly out of excitement and partly out of fear.

A myriad of questions came up for me:

“What if no-one reads it?”

“What if what I’ve written is wrong?”

“What if I offend someone?”

“What if I can’t keep it up?”

“What if there are lots of spelling errors that I’ve missed?”

As you can see, none of these questions were particularly resourceful.  Even Life Coaches and Pastors can have their doubts sometimes, especially when it comes to their own work.

Whilst all of the above questions are valid to an extent, when we listen to them for too long and over-analyse the impacts of them we become paralysed with self-doubt and end up not doing anything worthwhile.

Just imagine if Michael Jordan thought, “What if I miss?” before taking a championship winning shot.  Or if Sir Richard Branson thought, “What if this doesn’t work?” before signing another business deal.

The reality is that successful people understand that risks and mistakes come with the territory.  They also understand that you can always live to fight another day.

Let me give you the worse case answers to my questions at the start of this post.

“What if no-one reads it?”  Then I’ve been able to catalogue my own thoughts and ideas for future reference and enjoyed the process of writing.

“What if what I’ve written is wrong?”  Some of it may be, I am human after all.  I’m happy to be corrected if there are glaring omissions.  However, at the least I hope that my posts are still able to motivate others or teach some simple principles of life. 

“What if I offend someone?”  Then I’ll apologise and move on.  My intention is never to offend, although occasionally it may be to agitate to action. 

“What if I can’t keep it up?”  Then I’ll know that writing a blog isn’t for me and scratch it off my to-do list rather than dreaming about the possibility and never taking action.

“What if there are lots of spelling errors that I’ve missed?”  There’s a really cool edit button that allows me to correct my spelling as if nothing ever happened.  Edit is a blogger’s best friend.

That’s enough about me, what about you?

What venture have you been putting off because you’re afraid of pressing publish?  What do you not do because of the fear of the possible responses to these, and other, negative questions?

Putting your resume in, giving a public presentation, telling your boss about your really cool idea, quitting your dead-end job for an exciting (if slightly less secure) future, getting married, having kids, going to night school, asking for a raise, standing up for an important value, sharing your faith, doing a favour for a stranger, forgiving someone who hurt you or maybe even writing a blog about something that you’re passionate about?

Don’t put it off any longer.  Don’t let fear win.  Press publish.  What’s the worst that could happen?

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