The Buffet at Langhams


I recently had the opportunity to indulge in the fantastic buffet at the Langham Restaurant in Melbourne (thanks boss).   

Being a person who likes his food, I was reminded of the following analogy from Brian Tracy’s excellent book on Goals.  The analogy is based around the idea of long-term gratification.  

You see, many people treat life like an a la carte restaurant. They eat limited portions from a limited menu and then have to pay afterwards.  

Alternatively, successful people treat life like a buffet. They pay the price at the very start and then can gorge themselves on everything that is on offer.  

The principle of long-term gratification is one that many of us struggle with, but when you apply it to your work and every other aspect of your life, you will notice the difference. Credit card debt, underachieving results, staying at the same level for many years, not being able to work through challenges and addiction issues are just some of the consequences of short-term thinking. We all need to break the cycle of thinking that we can worry about the consequences later.  

If you want to have a flourishing career, meaningful relationships, strong and dynamic faith, physical fitness or a well-fed mind, you will need to pay the price first, going through some inconvenience, discipline and hard work, to ensure that you benefit in the long-term.  

You will thank yourself in five years time if you do.  

See you at the buffet! 

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