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I love watching wildlife documentaries.  

Thankfully, so does my five year old son Hayden, so we’ll often be seen on the couch together watching another David Attenborough classic.  

One of my favourites is about cheetahs.  As the fastest land mammal and capable of extraordinary athleticism, to watch them in full pursuit is amazing viewing.  

I was discussing them with Hayden a few days ago and realised that there are a couple of great principles that we can learn from them.  

They’re not afraid of failure.  Despite their amazing speed, the average cheetah will only be successful on about 30% of pursuits.  However, they understand that the more they hunt, the more they catch, despite the misses in between.  

Most people wouldn’t even try if they only had a 30% success rate.  They would look for something else less glamorous and less adventurous to do instead.  Or perhaps they just wouldn’t try at all and miss out on the glory of the chase.   

They are always looking ahead.  One of the key anatomical differences between cheetahs and their prey (besides the sharp claws and teeth) is where their eyes are positioned.  Cheetahs’ eyes are placed so that they are looking forward, enabling them to be on the lookout for opportunities and move forward at speed with confidence.  Gazelles’ eyes are placed on either side of their head, giving them excellent peripheral vision so that they can see danger and potential threats, but not very helpful when trying to run away as they are vulnerable to running into trees and large rocks.  

Are you on the look-out for opportunities or threats?   The difference in mindset is significant and will impact your potential to move forward in life with audacity and purpose.  Make sure that you are planning ahead for new ventures and looking out for the chance to pounce, rather than timidly making your way through life hoping that no-one will notice you and point out your flaws and errors.  

Be the hunter, not the hunted.  Life will reward you for it! 

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