I was driving to work the other day when the classic BeeGees song “You Should Be Dancing” came on my iPod.

The song asks the question, “Watcha doing in your bed?”

Then answers, “You should be dancing!”

As I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel, I couldn’t help but think that we should be asking ourselves similar questions throughout the day.  You see, today you could be doing something to get you closer to your goal, something purposeful that you can look back on with pride.  Unfortunately, we often find ourselves distracted by the miscellaneous, mundane and easy thing right in front of us.

Here are a few ideas to get us started:

Watcha doing on the couch, you should be exercising.

Watcha doing stuck at work, you should be with your family.

Watcha doing on FaceBook, you should be working.

Watcha doing watching TV, you should be reading.

Watcha doing complaining about your problems, you should be finding solutions.

Watcha doing in your dead-end job day after day, you should be developing your career.

Watcha doing at the pub with your mates, you should be home with your wife.

Watcha doing trying to live life in your own strength, you should be praying.

Watcha doing putting in a half-hearted effort, you should be utilising your strengths and putting in a passionate performance.

Inevitably, there is something more important, more meaningful, more productive that you could be doing.  It’s OK to have some downtime, even God took a break after 6 days of creative work, but is what you’re planning to do next what you should be doing?

Life’s too short, so get out of bed and start dancing!

For the record, this is the last time I will be quoting the BeeGees in a post, but I had to indulge myself at least once.  Please forgive me.

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