Happy Fathers Day

Father’s Day.

It’s a day when dads around the country get socks, ties and other assorted presents, but as a member of the fatherhood fraternity, I reckon that there are a few other things that you can give your dad that he might appreciate more and remember for longer.

Appreciate what he does.  Most men take great pride in what they do and for many men their self-esteem is attached to what they do.  As such, a great present would be to tell them what a good job they do and help them to puff their chests out with pride.

Laugh at his jokes.  I know that they are embarrassing for 364 days of the year, but show how much you love him and at least chuckle when he comes out with the same old reliable (some would say predictable or just plain corny) one liners.

Give him the chance to do something he loves.  Whether it’s watching sport or fixing something in the garage, I’m sure that after a year of looking after everyone else’s needs, he would appreciate a couple of hours to do something that he enjoys.  Feel free to join him as he may enjoy the company, but don’t interrupt until the next ads.

I love being a dad.  It’s the best job in the world.

I know we’re not perfect, but most of us try our best to provide leadership, encouragement and support to our families.

Why not treat your dad this Father’s Day.  Not just with socks, but by showing your appreciation, laughing at his jokes and giving him some time to do what he loves.  He’ll be back on duty on Monday, enthused and ready to make his significant contribution to your family for another year.

I’d better go, I can hear my kids coming.  Oh great, more socks!

Happy Fathers Day!

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