Tonight, when I sat down to write, I just couldn’t be bothered.  I’m tired and low in energy, making it a challenge to get my mind into gear and my fingers typing. 

It happens to us often doesn’t it?  We just can’t be bothered!

When your energy levels are low, your motivation levels are low and the spark of inspiration is missing.  Unfortunately, this can also become a habit for many people who seem to go through periods of weeks, or even months at a time, when there is little or no action taking place.

I’ve certainly felt that way often and have found a few simple strategies to help me to get through these periods.  I hope that they help.

Start small.  Sometimes, you may not have the energy to tackle a big task, but there are always smaller jobs waiting to get done.  Why not get started on them and at least achieve something with your day.  Additionally, starting small can give you momentum into a larger task.

Stay focused on your goals.  What is it that you want to achieve this year to ensure that you’re not a hamster on a wheel?  Is there something that you can do today that can get you closer to achieving one of your goals?  Maybe you could just write your goals down again.  In doing so you may find that you get excited about what your life could look like if you took meaningful action towards something that you really want.

Allow others to inspire you.  We all need fire-lighters in our lives.  Those people who have contagious enthusiasm, who always seem to have a positive outlook and who always seem to know what to say to get us motivated to action.  Make sure that you stay in touch with them and don’t be afraid to give them a call or grab them for a quick coffee.  If they’re anything like the fire-lighters that I know, they actually enjoy inspiring and positively influencing others.

Watch the negative influences.  Just as we need fire-lighters, we also need to be conscious of those cynics who are happy to see you being unproductive because it makes them feel better about their less than stellar performance.  However, negative influences can also be the books or blogs we read, the TV shows we watch or the negative things that we say to ourselves that keep us down and listless.

Be bothered!  If you don’t feel like taking action, take action anyway! 

Don’t make excuses for doing nothing, make reasons for doing something!

Often in life, feelings come after action.  You don’t feel brave before you bungee jump, you feel brave afterwards. 

Sometimes, you don’t feel energised before you take action, but you sure do afterwards. 

There you go.  An hour ago, I was feeling uninspired, but now I feel excited and ready for more.

What do you do when you feel that you can’t be bothered?

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