In many sports, there are moments when you can choose to commit to the contest and risk injury in the quest for greatness and victory for your team, or you can back down and risk mediocrity.  Avoiding physical contact is called taking the “soft option.”

Every day, we are confronted with multiple choices.  How we act on those options will determine our future success.

In life, most people choose what’s easiest, what they’ve always chosen, what’s most convenient, what they see everyone choose, perhaps what their parents chose.

If you want to make the most of your life and stand out from the crowd, don’t take the soft option.

Most Monday mornings, there are dozens of things that you would rather do than turn up to work.  Don’t take the soft option.

The couch is always more comfortable than the gym.  Don’t take the soft option.

Holding a grudge is much easier than forgiving someone.  Don’t take the soft option.

Ignoring a problem is more convenient than having a difficult conversation.  Don’t take the soft option.

Getting drive-through is easier than cooking a healthy meal.  Don’t take the soft option.

Staying in bed is more convenient than praying.  Don’t take the soft option.

Lashing out in anger is easier than showing restraint.  Don’t take the soft option.

Repeating the same year over and over again is easier than choosing to learn, grow and develop.  Don’t take the soft option.

Taking the soft option is a habit that forms over time.  When you first do it, you feel the pangs of regret, but the more you choose it, the more effectively you can rationalise it to yourself.

Rationalising your actions is easier than choosing an uncompromising standard of excellence for you life that you, your family and your God deserve.

Don’t take the soft option!

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