There are times when we make mistakes.

There are times when we let ourselves down.

There are times when we break our diet, break a promise that we made or say something that we regret.

There are times when we feel guilty and ashamed.

At these times, we have a couple of choices: 

  • Get sucked in by our mistakes and justify continuing on down that slippery slope,
  • or give yourself a break, forgive yourself, be forgiven by others (including God) and get back on the horse. 

Don’t sit there and say, “Here we go again.” 

Don’t let life keep deceiving you into thinking that you can’t make it or that you don’t deserve better.

Don’t turn a bad day into a worse month, a negative interaction into a ruined relationship or a disappointing quarterly review into an underachieving career.

The reality of our humanity is that we all make mistakes.  We all fall short of the expectations that we have of ourselves.

Maybe there’s something that you’re beating yourself up over right now.  If so, make amends, ask for forgiveness and give yourself a break.

Often in life, when we’re hard on ourselves, we’re also harder on others, so when you give yourself a break and ask for forgiveness, don’t forget to forgive others as well.

Sometimes as well, the euphoria of something that we’ve done well lasts for a fleeting moment, but the disappointment of a mistake lasts for weeks.  Give yourself a break.

We search for perfection and should be striving to be the best we can be, but the reality is, we can’t be perfect in our own strength.  So when you fall short of the mark, take it easy on yourself, take a deep breath, learn from the experience and keep striving.

Is there a recent mistake that you need to move on from?

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