Beige is a very popular colour for carpets, walls and curtains.

It makes sense when you’re designing as beige blends in and is inconspicuous.

Unfortunately, beige is also the colour that could describe a lot of people as they try to go through life.

It describes people who:

  • go through meetings without saying a word.
  • don’t know what they’re good at, so they don’t do anything particularly well and never try.
  • go to work every day devoid of passion or enthusiasm.
  • blame everyone else for their problems and find comfort in their misery.
  • think that near enough is good enough, rather than choosing to excel.
  • get by on their wits, but never realise their potential or maximise their impact.
  • can be replaced by a machine and probably will be.
  • have great thoughts that never turn into action.
  • do the bare minimum, just scraping by and hoping that no-one will notice.
  • can’t wait to retire so that they can be justified in doing nothing.
  • don’t want to learn as it means that they may need to change.

Hopefully it doesn’t describe you.

Be purple, green, orange or any other colour than beige.

Beige is the colour of mediocrity.

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