There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those who read the manual and those who write it.

There are those who look to comply and do what they’re told and those who lead the way, driving change and innovation.

Those whose destiny has been placed in the hands of others and those who take responsibility for their future.

Those who are happy to complain about all of the changes happening in the world around them as it excuses them from doing meaningful work and those who don’t have time to complain because they’re driving the change.

There are those who think that it’s safe to play it safe and too risky to take risks and those who understand that it’s too risky to play it safe and the only safe path in this day and age is to take risks.

Those who do what they’re told, work when they’re being watched and do the bare minimum and those who aspire to greatness and do what they think is right.

Those who know the manual word-for-word, finding solace in its black and white nature and those who understand that the world is often grey and requires intelligent interpretation and wisdom to navigate through.

Those who think that their role as a manager is to make sure that everyone does the same thing and those who understand that leadership is about inspiring and developing others to maximise their unique strengths and skills.

There are those who accept what their parents told them about religion and faith and those who pursue truth and Jesus with boldness and openness.

There are those who reflect back on their life and say, “I wish I did …” and those who look back and say, “Wow, what a ride!”

Do you read the manual or write it?

Guess which one wins?

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