We all know the story of Snow White. 

A young lady lying in a comatose state waiting for Prince Charming to come along and save her.  When he kisses her, she is reanimated and comes to life, saved by her hero.

My suspicion is that many people hope that their lives will turn out like that.They doze through life, just waiting for things to turn around, for someone to save them, for an unearned piece of good fortune.

Buying lottery tickets and hoping that their numbers come up.

Turning up to work, doing an average job with little energy and hoping that someone taps them on the shoulder and gives them a promotion and a raise.

Deferring their parental responsibilities onto teachers, child care workers and youth pastors, hoping that their children magically turn into well-balanced, confident adults.

Occasionally attending church without engaging or contributing, not spending time in personal prayer or reading their bibles and expecting to experience spiritual growth.

The reality is that there is no Prince Charming.

There is no financial independence without hard work and discipline.

There is no successful career without hard work and discipline.

There are no flourishing families without hard work and discipline.

There is no fulfilling personal faith in Jesus without hard work and discipline.

Stop acting like Snow White, get up off the slab and start making things happen.

Life rewards action.

You can live happily ever after and you deserve it. 

You just need to go out and earn it.

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