There’s a saying that hindsight is 20/20 vision.

You do something and then you look back and either cringe at your mistakes or feel good about the action that you’ve taken.

We’re all wiser in retrospect.

Should we do/say/buy that?  I’ll tell you after the event.

There are many people however who are unable to learn from their past.  Why?

Because they either repeat the same mistakes over and over, or they are paralysed by the choices that they have in front of them and don’t end up taking action.

Do something.  Anything.  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but please remember to learn from them.

Mess up and then get better.

Retrospect is why your second house has more of what you want than your first one did.

When you bought the second one, you had a better idea of what you really wanted in a house, but you couldn’t really have learned this if you hadn’t bought the first one.

Do something this week that you’ve been putting off for months because you don’t know how it will turn out.

It may actually work and you can start to build real momentum in an important aspect of your life.

Or it may not work out as you thought it would.

Then you can reflect, ask for forgiveness, learn, grow, develop and do something different next time.

That’s the beauty of retrospect.

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