December 2011

30th – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2011

29th – When You Walk Into a Room…

28th – The 3 M’s of Effective Goal-Setting

27th – Which Gifts Should You Keep and Which Should You Give Away?

26th – Picking Blackberries

23rd – The 2011 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

22nd – Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

21st – A Mistake or a Learning Experience?

20th – Brilliant Quotes – Joy

19th – Our Children Are Like Flowers

16th – When the Adults Wrote Letters to Santa

15th – What Are You Good At?

14th – 6 Free Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

13th – Travelling Companions on the Journey of Life

12th – Two Lions, One King – Which One Are You?

9th – The Nervous Squirrel – A Story About Dealing With Change

8th – 4 Important Leadership Lessons From Ducks

7th – When Should You Buy an Air Conditioner?

6th – The Difference Between an Artist and an Automaton

5th – Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

2nd – Three Kernels of Corn – A Story About Long-Term Thinking

1st – Inspirational People – Irena Sendler

November 2011

30th – If You Can’t Do What You Love At Least Love What You Do

29th – How Winners Prepare For Success

28th – What Do You Expect From Life?

25th – Be Thankful

24th – We Need More Polynyas

23rd – Take the Ferrari Out of the Garage

22nd – Do You Get Energy, Or Do You Generate It?

21st – That Breakthrough Moment

18th – Practicing Medicine

17th – Nodding Isn’t Action

16th – 8 Reasons to Sponsor a Child in a Developing Country

15th – There’s a Reason Why We Don’t Keep Hippos as Pets

14th – How Should You Respond to Competition?

11th – The Lonely Bull – A Story About the Limitations We Place on Ourselves

10th – Wind, Fire and Glaciers

9th – What Can We Learn From Christmas Shopping?

8th – The Only Question That Matters in Reference Checks

7th – The Show Must Go On

4th – Aren’t You Going to Do Something? – A Story About Responding to Problems

3rd – Your Best Work

2nd – The Difference Between a Victor and a Victim

1st – 7 Billion People

October 2011

31st – Who Really Needs to Change?

28th – What We Need to Teach Our Daughters (and Sons)

27th – Three Things to Be Grateful For

26th – 5 Reasons to Get a Mentor

25th – Would You Do It For Free?

24th – Next Year

21st – The Parable of the Ducks – A Story About Maximising Our Potential

20th – Dirty Nappies and an Attitude Adjustment

19th – Getting a Full-Time Job is a Full-Time Job

18th – Working Backwards

17th – Don’t Sit in the Bath For Too Long

14th – First Aid – A Story About Who We Should Be Caring For

13th – When Your Children Look to You, What Do They See?

12th – What Did Your Words Do Today?

11th – What Can We Learn From Lawn Mowers?

10th – There’s a Street Sweeper Somewhere

7th – The Three Guard Dogs – A Story About Assertiveness

6th – Brilliant Quotes – Steve Jobs

5th – What Should You Do After You’ve Reached Your Goal?

4th – How Do We Know If We’ve Made a Difference?

3rd – You’re Not Written Off Until You Write Yourself Off

September 2011

30th – The Rain’s Coming – A Story About Preparing Yourself for Success

29th – 10 Reasons to Stand Out From the Crowd (Plus a Couple of Reasons Not To)

28th – When You Become a Parent Everything’s Harder, But Everything’s Better

27th – How to Get Wisdom

26th – Why People Prefer Horses to Camels

23rd – The Retiring Carpenter – A Story About the Life We Build for Ourselves

22nd – Jerry Seinfeld’s Three Rules of Life

21st – Maintenance in the Knowledge Age

20th – Which Voice Are You Listening To?

19th – What Should You Do When Your Boss Goes Away?

16th – Acres of Diamonds – A Story About the Search For Success

15th – The Four Unpardonable Sins of Public Speaking

14th – The Gap Between the Two Trapezes

13th – Be a Go-Giver, Not a Go-Getter

12th – It’s Easy to be a Victim

9th – How to Structure Your Interview Answers Using the STAR Method

8th – The Curse of Comfort

7th – Don’t Eat the Marshmallow

6th – Do What Robots Can’t

5th – Why We Have Hurdles

2nd – Soften Your Heart – A Story About How We Respond to Adversity

1st – Cynics Need Not Apply

August 2011

31st – What Every Husband or Wife Needs to Hear

30th – Inspirational People – Oscar Pistorius

29th – Inspirational People – Steve Jobs

26th – The Battle Between Two Wolves – A Story About Controlling Our Thoughts

25th – Iron Sharpens Iron

24th – A Great Way to Test Your Mental Strength

23rd – The Pressure of Mediocrity

22nd – 10 Reasons Why I Love My New Kindle

19th – The Cobbler’s Boots – A Story About Self-Care

18th – Putting the “I” in Interview

17th – Glance, Don’t Look, Into Your Rear-View Mirror

16th – What If You Had No Choice? 

15th – Be a Shark, Not a Goldfish

12th – Every Single Day

11th – 40 Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Past 40 Years

10th – Is it Possible to Be Too Encouraging?

9th – 5 Ways We Can Respond to Feedback

8th – That Kid at the Top of the Water Slide

5th – Commonly Used Sayings That Can Hold Us Back

4th – How Do Children Spell Love?

3rd – A New Way to Use a Pros and Cons List

2nd – More Favourite Christian Blogs

1st – When Winners are Losers and Losers are Winners

July 2011

29th – The Redneck Hunters – A Story About the Importance of Listening

28th – What Can We Learn From Crocodiles?

27th – Batteries Not Included

26th – The Three Pitfalls of PowerPoint

25th – What Do You Do When the Lift is Broken?

22nd – A Boy Buying Shoes – A Story About Paying the Price

21st – Why the Second Album Isn’t as Good as the First

20th – 6 Tips to Overcome Multiple Rejections

19th – Butt Prints in the Sand

18th – Why Books Aren’t Really a Luxury

15th – The Two Frogs – A Story About the Power of Our Words

14th – Why the Easy Option Isn’t Always the Best

13th – Don’t Keep Your Best Wine in the Cellar

12th – The Stragglers, the Peloton and the Fearless Few

11th – You’re a Leader, Be a Leader!

8th – The Enthusiasm Virus

7th – A Rejection is a Delay, Not an End

6th – Confirm or Ignore?

5th – The No-Eyed Big-Eyed Spider

4th – Why You Should Always Do Your Best

1st – Be a Hummingbird, Not a Vulture

June 2011

30th – We’re All Bad Drivers

29th – Why You Can Never Prepare Too Much

28th – The Importance of Keeping Your Vision in Front of You

27th – What Can We Learn From Road Trips?

24th – Inspirational People – Jimmy Butler

23rd – The Difference Between Resources and Resourcefulness

22nd – If a Tree Falls in the Forest

21st – You Don’t Want Yes-Men

20th – The Stubborn Caterpillar – A Story About the Call to Action

17th – 5 Tips For Building Rapport

16th – How to Have a Pain-Free Existence

15th – Everyone, Someone, Anyone and No-one

14th – When Good Parents Have Bad Moments

13th – The Three Stages of Volcanoes – Which One Describes You?

10th – The Mole Exterminator – A Story About Dealing With the Real Issue

9th – Things That Look Like Work

8th – 3 Reasons to Keep Practicing

7th – Is it Possible to Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

6th – The 10 Commandments of Public Speaking

3rd – During the Storm, Be the Buffalo, Not the Cow

2nd – Get in the Game!

1st – The White Collar Prison

May 2011

31st – What Are You Planting?

30th – The Value of Teamwork

27th – The Predictability and Unpredictability of Leadership

26th – Don’t Press the Snooze Button

25th – 5 Tips For More Effective Group Interviews

24th – Keep Building!

23rd – OK, We’re Still Here.  Now What?

20th – It’s a Beautiful Day

19th – How to Become a More Positive Influence

18th – The Difference Between a Conference and a Junket

17th – Sorry, But There’s No Magic Pill

16th – It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat!

13th – A Day in the Life of a Mayfly

12th – Don’t Give Up After One Failed Job Application

11th – Brilliant Quotes – Zig Ziglar

10th – Life’s Too Short

9th – 5 Tips For When You Don’t Know What To Say

6th – The Three Pelicans – A Story About How We Should Be Using Our Talents 

5th – The Tree Stump

4th – Turning Hope Into Expectation

3rd – I Struggled With My Brain

2nd – Two Kinds of Waiting

April 2011

29th – The Three-Quarter Time Address – A Story About Motivational Leadership

28th – A Fairytale Wedding, or a Fairytale Marriage?

27th – The Ergonomics of Coaching

26th – How to Burst a Dam (or Solve Challenging Problems)

25th – Freedom and Responsibility

22nd – Love Always Wins

21st – It’s No Fun Being Fungible

20th – 10 Reasons Why I Appreciate My Kids at Their Age

19th – How Big is Your Aquarium?

18th – Shining Eyes

15th – The Daffodil Principle – A Story About Investing in the Future

14th – Don’t Focus on the Water, Focus on the Sky

13th – How Do You See the World?

12th – The Ultimate Compliment for a Writer

11th – My 95% Optimism Rule

8th – Stop Making Us Look Bad

7th – Be Encouraging Anyway!

6th – Inspirational People – Sachin Tendulkar

5th – Which End of the Binoculars Are You Looking Through?

4th – A Job or The Job?

1st – Overcoming Obstacles – A Story About Making the Leap to Greatness

March 2011

31st – A Man Walked Into a Bar

30th – What’s More Important, Goals or Assists?

29th – Remember When Trends Lasted a Year or More?

28th – Why We Secretly Love Fear

26th – My First Year of Blogging

25th – The Starfish Story – How the Small Things That We Do Make a Difference

24th – Listen to the Diving Judges

23rd – Getting “Go” and “Stop” in the Right Order

22nd – Credibility

21st – Inspirational People – Anthony Robles

18th – Climb That Mountain

17th – 3 Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job

16th – 10 Steps to Improving at Anything

15th – Do Your Best For Every Audience

14th – Labour Day Musings

11th – The Astronaut and the Farmer – A Story About How We Define Success

10th – The Hedgehog Versus the Fox, Who Wins?

9th – It’s Always Tough at First

8th – Arguing With Fools

7th – Impulses You Should Act On… and Some You Should Ignore

4th – They Grow Up Too Fast

3rd – Integrity is Who You Are When No-One’s Looking

2nd – The Whale Paradox

1st – How To Teach Your Kids To Pray

February 2011

28th – Do You Live or Exist?

25th – The Two Leopards – A Story About the Need to Continue Developing

24th – Don’t Be a Traffic Controller

23rd – The Need for Big Goals

22nd – There’s failure and there’s Failure

21st – Bootcamp Fun

18th – Running Out of Ideas 

17th – It’s All About the Content

16th – Man Flu in the Office

15th – Do You Want to Move Up?

14th – Love is a Verb

11th – Three Feet From Gold – A Story About Perseverance

10th – The Gyms are Full in January and Empty in February

9th – Ice-cream, Ring Tones and Leadership

8th – Do You Hate Where You Work?

7th – Brilliant Quotes – Persistence

4th – It’s Time to Scrape Off the Barnacles

3rd – Inspirational People – Gary Neville

2nd – Tips to Turn Around a Victim Mentality

1st – A Bottle of Grange

January 2011

31st – There Are Lots of Reasons Not To

28th – Rebuilding the World – A Story About Making a Difference

27th – What Can We Learn From Snakes?

26th – Leave the Bad Shots for the Practice Fairway

25th – I Wish That I had a Garden Like That

24th – Five Simple Questions for You Regarding Your Influence

21st – The Three Storks – A Story About Focused Action

20th – Good is the Enemy of Great

19th – Inspirational People – Unsung Heroes

18th – Oh Well, Good Try

17th – Is Your Job Like Quicksand or a Stepping Stone?

14th – Allergic to Bullets – A Story About Positive Attitudes

13th – Be a Great Cheerleader

12th – The Blame Game

11th – Overkill is Under-rated

10th – If You Don’t Turn Up, Does Anybody Notice?

7th – Be a Lion, Not a Zebra

6th – Opportunities are Like a Child Looking for His Shoes

5th – Delusions of Grandeur

4th – The Biggest Risk You Can Take is Playing it Safe

3rd – A Smile Makes All the Difference

1st – This is the Year!