Some people are so anonymous in their efforts, that if they’re not there, no-one even notices.

When they are in attendance, they quietly sit and do nothing, impacting nobody, interacting minimally and adding no value.

They’re found in the workplace, on professional sporting teams, in churches and in any other organisation.

They watch the clock, read a few emails, take short-cuts any chance they can, get easily distracted and take up space.

The alternative is so much better.You can be the one who is crucial to the team’s success. 

You can be the one your leader relies on for creativity, energy and contagious enthusiasm.

You can be the one who is missed when you’re not available.

Anonymity is for suckers. 

It’s for people who live in fear and have deceived themselves into thinking that not being noticed is the best they can hope for.

You’re better than that.

Chances are if no-one notices when you’re not there, eventually they’ll realise that perhaps it’s not worth having you around.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Be the one who makes a difference, who makes a contribution and who positively impacts everyone around you.

Of course there are two other undesirable outcomes.

  • Some people don’t turn up and no-one surprised.
  • Some people don’t turn up and everyone is relieved.

But these are subjects for another day…

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