I was watching an NBA game on TV the other day and after a great dunk by one of the players, I could see his team-mates in the background stand to their feet and cheer him on.

They didn’t dunk the ball, they didn’t pass it to him, some of them may not even get onto the court for that game, but they knew that they still had a role to play.

They had the responsibility to cheer their team-mates on and to encourage them to even greater heights.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, you have that same responsibility and opportunity.

There will be times in any organisation when someone else is doing great work.

You could say, “I could have done that.”

You could undermine their efforts.

You could point out the flaws in their plan.

Or you could stand up and cheer them on, encouraging them and helping them to feel as though their effort was worthwhile.

On winning teams, team-mates cheer each other on when things are going well and pick each other up when things don’t work out.

On losing teams, people don’t celebrate achievements together and isolate each other when mistakes happen.

Good athletes make their opponents look silly, but great athletes make their team-mates look better.

You don’t always have to be the hero of the day, but you can always be a cheerleader.

What can you do this week to deliberately point out the positive things that your team-mates are bringing to your group?

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