So far in this section, I have highlighted numerous high profile people, from Mother Teresa to Larry Bird to Abraham Lincoln amongst others. 

In the society that we live in, so often we become enamoured with famous people, leading to athletes, movie stars and musicians making millions and becoming role models for many of us.

Today I would like to highlight some of the other inspirational people in our world who perhaps don’t get the money, press or plaudits but who make significant contributions to our society with their sacrifice and tireless efforts.

I would like to place the focus on our teachers and nurses, our police officers and ambulance drivers, our social workers and community volunteers, our fire fighters and the men and women of our defence forces.

They are terrific people who deserve our thanks and appreciation.

As a family, we have seen many of the above in action and I’m constantly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm with which they carry out their duties.

I know that they’re not all perfect, but on the whole they are performing magnificent and important public duties and they are as worthy of attention and admiration as any celebrity.  Many of their tasks are completed under scrutiny and great pressure, but they don’t get paid millions or receive the adulation of the masses.  For many of these guys, just doing their best and seeing the difference that they make is reward enough.

I’m not celebrity bashing, I am just putting some balance back and suggesting that the local hospital nurse is just as inspiring as any pop star and that many of our police officers are better role-models than most of our footballers.

If any of my children aspired to take on any of these noble vocations, I would be immensely proud, although my wife may debate with them about joining the defence forces.

To our unsung heroes, you are a constant inspiration to us and we are all better off for the invaluable contribution that you make to the society that we live in. 

Are there any other unsung heroes in your life who deserve some credit?

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