I’ve been considering those people who seem to wield considerable influence beyond their capability or level of talent.

You know who they are, they’re fire-lighters, not fire-fighters.

They’re people who naturally increase the passion and enthusiasm of those around them.

Frankly, they’re gold in any organisation and the good news is that you can join their ranks.

To assist you in your self-awareness regarding your influence, I’ve got five simple questions:

When you enter a room, do people get excited or do they cringe?

Do they even notice?

Do you know how they feel?

Are you sure that you know?

Do you even care?

Remember, everybody has an influence on those around them.  Some significant and some less so.  Some positive and some negative.

If you know with certainty that people are excited to be with you and your ideas, thanks for what you’re bringing.

If not, it’s not too late to change.

You can change.

We need you to change!

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