The average person will spend 100,000 hours at work over the course of their career.

That’s far too long to spend doing something that you hate.

It may be the boss, the hours, the location, the money or the actual work itself.  It doesn’t really matter.

What matters is what you’re going to do about it.

You could stay there, hating it.

Or you could get your act together and take action.

Once you’ve decided to take action, there are two more choices.

Start to love what you do or go somewhere else.

Life is about choices.

If you stay, understand that you’ve chosen to stay.  If you stay and hate it, you’ve chosen to be unhappy and dissatisfied with your career.  That’s OK, just don’t blame others for your unhappiness.

If you take action, you’ve chosen to take control of your career and you are one step closer to doing something that you love.

Then again, there are some people who have always hated where they’ve worked.

Five, ten, fifteen jobs on their resume and they’ve hated every one of them.

It may just be that they hate work.

If that’s you, you possibly also hate money, doing something meaningful, making a contribution to society and are willing to waste 100,000 hours of your life.

That can change too.

For the record, I love what I do.

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