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Whales are truly magnificent creatures.

Their massive size, grace and seemingly gentle nature makes them a popular tourist attraction and there are quite a few places along the coast of Australia where you can go at certain times of the year and witness them as they follow their annual migration patterns.

In many ways it’s a shame that we only get to admire them when they come to the surface.  When they come up to expel air from their blow-hole and breath or perhaps to leap out of the water entirely, it’s an amazing sight and this is what leads to what I call “the Whale Paradox”.

You see, whales are at their most magnificent when they come up to the surface from the anonymity of the deep, but it is there that in the past they have been the most vulnerable to unscrupulous hunters armed with harpoons.

In many ways, this is the same for us.

Down in the deep, where no-one notices us, we don’t need to worry about others shooting us down.

Leaders are criticised from all angles, whilst the rest of the population hides and takes cover.

However, to do anything magnificent, we need to come to the surface.

To fully display the skills and abilities that God has given us and that we have carefully developed, we need to rise above the rest.

To express your ideas and give your much-needed opinion, you take a risk that you may be harpooned by someone who is lying in wait.

To some people, that’s reason enough to hide in the deep and never rise.

To me, that’s a good reason to overcome fear and rise above the cynics.

Let them take their shot, we can develop a thick-skin so that we can withstand all that they can throw at us.

Some harpoons will hit the mark and hurt like hell, but I would rather that than live a life of anonymity and fail to reach my full potential.

The next time you grapple with fear as you struggle to offer your opinion, to give an insight, to do something different, to take a risk or to express yourself with uniqueness, remember the Whale Paradox and come to the surface.

There will be some with harpoons, but the majority will be watching and waving in admiration.

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