In Melbourne today, we celebrated Labour Day by taking the day off and lounging around the house.

Today is the day that we remember the legacy of those who worked hard to create working conditions that are more balanced and sensible, the principle being that everyone should work eight hours a day, sleep for eight hours and have eight hours of recreation.

It originated in a time when most men worked hard with their hands and their toil created value to the society that they lived in.

I would like to propose an extension to this day.  I call it Emotional Labour Day.

It’s a day when we understand that we are now living in the Knowledge Age, a time when bringing the skills of your hands is rarely enough, but when we need your minds and hearts as well.

It’s a day of recognition that everyone’s ideas, enthusiasm, background, perspective, expertise, wisdom and uniqueness is both welcomed and required.

It’s a day when we recognise not only our right to a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, but our responsibility to find solutions to problems, to add value to those around us and to continue to develop ourselves to improve our careers and the community at large.

It’s a day when we don’t just celebrate work, but applaud and approve meaningful work.

Emotional Labour Day.

Who knows?  If enough people like the idea, we may even get another day off!

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