Anthony Robles is one of those remarkable people who come along to remind us that it’s not what we don’t have that matters, it’s what we do with what we have.

Robles was born with only one leg, but from an early age, he was determined to live a normal life.

He threw away his prosthesis at an early age and started to do what most other boys his age were doing.  He played football and became a machine at doing push-ups.

Then he started wrestling in the eighth grade and a remarkable journey followed.

He attends Arizona State University and in one of his first practices, the team was to complete a three-mile run around the track.  The coach told him to sit it out, concerned that running such a distance with crutches would be too painful and arduous. 

Robles response?  “Nope, I do everything everyone else does.”

With his unwavering belief in his abilities and enormous upper body strength (he bench-presses 350 pounds) combined to make him a formidable opponent.

His amazing collegiate wrestling career culminating in an undefeated run of 36 wins in his final year including the NCAA individual wrestling championship for his weight-class making him the national champion.

On one leg!

Sometimes in life, we look at what we don’t have and use that as an excuse for not taking on challenges and becoming all that we can.

Anthony Robles looked at what he wanted to achieve, resolved to prepare himself for the task and became a champion.

He reminds us that our limitations aren’t in the body, but in the mind.  Win that battle and the sky’s the limit.

Soon he will graduate with a degree in business communication and is aiming to become a professional motivational speaker.

You can be sure that he’ll be a champion at that too.

What about you?

What excuses do you make for not being successful?

Is the battle in the body or in the mind?

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