Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Where are you working right now?

Is it just a job or is it the job?

Is it something that you turn up to most days and just go through the motions, or is your heart in it?

Do you dread Monday mornings, or are you excited by the prospect of another week of meaningful work?

Do you do it because it pays the bills, or doesn’t it matter how much you get paid?

What about the job that you’re thinking about applying for?

Is it just a job?  Are you applying because you are desperate to leave your current role?

Or is it the job?  The one that you’ve been dreaming about and preparing yourself for over the past few years?

Life is short, but our careers take up such a big chunk of time that it seems like a waste to me to just be doing a job.

Why not find the job?

It does exist.

If you’re willing to look hard enough.

Do you need to start looking?

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