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I still have my old set of binoculars that I grew up with.  They’re somewhere in the garage now, but I used to use them often, mainly at sporting events or when bush-walking with the family.

I used to be fascinated at the difference that it made when you looked through either end. 

When used properly, things that are far away look close and when you look through the wrong end, things that are large and close seem to be tiny and a long way away.

What about in life?

When you have a problem, do you look at it and magnify the issue, making it seem larger than life and bigger than you can handle?  Or do you minimise the impact, ensuring that it doesn’t overwhelm you, but becomes a manageable problem that can be resolved?

What about when someone gives you a compliment?  Do you look through the wrong end and minimise the praise, putting yourself and you achievements down in the process?  Or do you allow yourself to feel good about your efforts and express gratitude to the person who has chosen to encourage you?

What about when setting goals for yourself?  Do you look through the end that makes things seem smaller because you consistently underestimate your potential and don’t believe that you have the capacity to do great things?  Or do you set bold, ambitious goals that stretch your capabilities and require you to grow and develop?

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be realistic about the size of our problems or about our abilities. 

I’m saying that how we look at life influences our thinking and then our response. 

If you can learn to look through the most appropriate end of the binoculars, you can cope better with problems and maximise the good times.

Which end are you looking through?

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