Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Writers and bloggers feel good when you buy their book or click on their website.

They like it even more when you open up the book and read the first chapter or peruse a couple of posts.

They start to feel as though they have achieved something when you finish the book or read everything on their blog.

They get excited when you pass the book on to someone else, buy it as a gift, refer a friend to their work, subscribe to their blog or send their link around to your contacts.

But if you really want to give a compliment to a writer, try doing something different as a result of what you’ve read.

Change a habit, adopt a new mindset, respond to life’s challenges with greater wisdom.

That’s a compliment that will help them to realise that it’s been worth the effort and takes our reading from being a nice hobby to an opportunity to continue to grow and develop.

While on the subject, if you’re a Christian who believes that the Bible is God’s Word, if you want to give God a compliment I suspect that the same rule applies.

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