Is the world full of obstacles or opportunities?

Is it full of people who have the potential to hurt you or those who need your assistance?

Is it a scary place to raise a family or are you excited about the future for you and your kids?

Is it full of free loaders and people who deserve the pain in their lives or do you need to do something to help?

Is it full of people who are different and scary or do you love the diversity of the human race?

Is it full of dead-end jobs or are there endless opportunities for you to express yourself?

Is it sad and lonely or are you surrounded by people who love and value you?

Is it somehow conspiring against you or do you have a long list of things to be grateful for?

Is it too big to impact or are you able to make a difference?

The reality?

It’s both.

Thankfully you get to choose which one you’re going to live in through your attitude and perspective.

Choose wisely.

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