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Famous conductor Benjamin Zander has a unique way of defining success.

Instead of defining it by money, fame, a big car or house, a grand title or other more worldly categories, he looks around to see if he is surrounded by people with what he calls “shining eyes.”

That is, are the people around him engaged, alive, full of fun and enthused about what they’re doing?  And has he contributed to that?

Alternatively, people can have dead eyes.  Lifeless, sad, looking away, not present in the moment.

If you’re a leader, do the people around you have shining eyes or dead eyes?

If you’re a parent, do your kids have shining eyes or dead eyes?

Whatever you do, are the people around you full of life?  Are they enthusiastic, optimistic, joyful and engaged?

Do they have shining eyes?

If not, Zander asks the question, “Who am I being, that their eyes are not shining?”

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