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If you want to burst a dam, you firstly need to drill in on one point of the structure.

You keep at it until you break through and water starts to leak.

Then you start on another point until that too starts to leak.

And you continue until the dam is weakened by a large number of holes and the strength of the water breaks up the concrete and eventually bursts through.

Now, replace the dam with your challenging problem.

Focus on one part of the problem and break it down.

Then move onto the next part of the issue.

Keep building momentum until you get the break through you need.

This is probably a bit simplistic, but we can sometimes over-complicate matters, causing us to either ignore our problems or magnify their size.

Stephen Covey says, “The way we see the problem is the problem.”

If you see your problems as insurmountable obstacles, you’ll be right.  But if you see them as challenges that can be overcome with persistence and focus, I suspect that you’ll be right as well.

Please note, I am not condoning damaging dams or any other public property.  Just in case.

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