Photo by Matt Kadlick via Flickr

As I drove down my street the other day, I saw a tree stump.

We had a massive storm a few months ago and the tree was knocked down, leaving branches all over the street.

The City Council came in during the week and removed the branches.  They also sawed down the rest of the tree, leaving nothing but a small stump less than a foot high.

And that was it, the tree was finished.

Or so I thought.

As I drove past this week, I noticed signs of life.

Fresh shoots were sprouting and new leaves were growing.

It was still alive and wasn’t going to accept defeat.

It had taken everything that the elements could throw at it, been knocked around and even cut down to almost nothing.

And yet it still came back.

Sometimes, we’re like that tree stump.

Sometimes we get knocked around, pushed over and shoved from pillar to post.

Sometimes, we are the victims of genuinely tragic circumstances, sometimes of our own doing and sometimes because life just isn’t fair.

When you’re at your lowest point remember the tree stump.

You can come back from the most humble of situations.

There is life after the storm.

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