We’ve all been there.

A job is advertised that you would love to get.

You’ve been dreaming about it and preparing yourself for a long time and now the opportunity has arrived.

You put your application in and at some stage during the process, you find out that you’re unsuccessful.

It may be that your resume didn’t meet the criteria, perhaps you interviewed poorly on the day or maybe there was a more qualified applicant than you.

It’s disappointing, but it’s what happens next that determines your success.

Over the years, I’ve seen people choose one of two paths.

I’ve seen dozens of talented, qualified people apply for their dream job and miss out.

Then they give up. 

They think that “not this time” means “not forever”.

They don’t like the disappointment of rejection and choose not to expose themselves to the risk of feeling bad about themselves again.

All of the work that they’ve done to prepare themselves for that job is wasted.

All of the emotional energy and dreaming about what they could do if they got it is squandered.

All of the talent and potential that they have is left on the shelf.

Just because someone said no.

Alternatively, I’ve seen less talented people who are unsuccessful in their application.

They learn from the process, keep honing their skills, apply again the next time and miss out.

And then it happens again.  And again and again.

Until one day, their resume gets to the top of the pile, they nail the interview and they’re suddenly the best applicant for the job.

They did it!

There are times in our careers (and other aspects of our lives) when talent won’t get it done, but sheer bloody-minded persistence will.

Never, ever give up on your dreams.

“Not now” doesn’t mean “not ever.”

I know that it’s upsetting and damaging to your confidence when your application has been rejected dozens of times, but if you stop now, you’ll never get there.

If you get back on the horse, keep on trying, learn from past applications and never give up…  you may just get there.

And we’ll celebrate with you when you do!

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