A mayfly (order Ephemeroptera) found on an Ole...

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The mayfly is a unique type of insect.

In its adult stage it feeds, flies around, finds a mate, lays its eggs and then dies.

All in one day!

Some species of mayfly have an adult stage that lasts as little as 30 minutes, yet it still manages to fit everything in without running out of time.

Yet we waste time on Facebook, try to look busy without doing much, hesitate before taking action and try to survive our much longer life-span without doing much of significance.

Too often, we find ways to avoid doing what we know we should, instead of embracing every day as an opportunity to do all that we can.

I suspect that we can learn a lot from our little friend who lives life to the fullest in the short time that he has here.

Let’s aim to do the same.

Let’s make the most of every day!

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