Photo by doug88888 via flickr

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill that you could take so that you could eat whatever you wanted, not exercise and still lose weight?

Or one where your IQ automatically went up 10% without the need to read or develop your mind?

What about one that gave you a better marriage or made you a better parent without the requirement of all of that pesky self-development stuff?

Or one that enhanced your level of faith to the level of the spiritual heroes you admire that doesn’t require you to spend time praying or reading the scriptures?

Alas, there isn’t one and I’m not sure that I would recommend that you took it if there was.

Everything that’s worth doing is difficult and challenging.

It takes discipline, focus and hard work.

It takes years of sustained, consistent effort and saying no to things that seem like a more fun option at the time.

And only then do you get that feeling of genuine satisfaction for a job well done that you don’t get from a quick fix.

Then those around you start to see you as an inspirational role-model to learn from.

Then you can start to feel proud of your achievements.

There are no short cuts to greatness, only a long tough journey.

So stop wishing that there was a magic pill and get to work.

It’s worth it.

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