On a conference, you get inspired to improve your performance and try something new.

On a junket, you go back to the same old routine.

On a conference, you remember the messages from great speakers.

On a junket, you remember the great drinking sessions.

On a conference, you find creative solutions to old problems.

On a junket, you try to forget that your problems ever existed.

On a conference, you’re on the edge of your seat taking notes and learning new concepts.

On a junket, you’re sitting back trying not to fall asleep after a big night.

It doesn’t matter where you hold a conference because it’s all about the content.

It really matters where you hold a junket because what else is there to talk about afterwards?

After a conference, you can’t wait to get back to work to try some new ideas.

After a junket, you dread returning to work, wishing that the fun lasted forever.

Conferences are a fantastic investment in your development and should be a high priority for anyone who is serious about learning and growing.

Junkets are a waste of time and should be avoided at all costs.

If you’re not still not sure about the difference, wait six months.  If nothing’s changed as a result of the event you’ve attended, it was a junket.

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