Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Almost every morning as he sits down to breakfast, our three year-old son Logan will exclaim, “It’s a beautiful day.”

It doesn’t matter what it looks like outside, rainy, overcast or lovely clear skies, it’s always the same to him, a beautiful day.

And then throughout the day, he’ll randomly look around and make the same proclamation, “It’s a beautiful day.”

He could be feeling unwell, have just finished a delightful three year-old tantrum, or otherwise had every reason to say something else, but to him it’s always a beautiful day.

Besides being adorably cute when he says it, Logan reminds me of an important principle.

A beautiful day starts with a great attitude.

It starts as a blank canvas with unlimited opportunities to make a significant contribution to those around us.

It starts with a resolution to treat every day as a gift to be treasured, not wasted.

And then it ends with the understanding that a beautiful day isn’t dependent on circumstances, but perspective.

It ends in gratitude for the lessons learned, blessings received and problems solved.

It ends in the knowledge that rain, hail or shine, it’s good to be alive.

You’re right Logan.

It’s a beautiful day!

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