Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Once, long ago, you started building something.

You started with enthusiasm and brick by brick, you made progress.

Your back was strong and your vision for the project was clear.

Then something happened.

You grew tired.

You could hear the taunts of those who weren’t interested in building, only tearing down. You found that you were missing bricks and there was graffiti on your handiwork.

After a while, the voices of the cynics grew louder than the voice in your head telling you to keep going.

Disconsolately, you sat down, head bowed.


Then someone told you to look up.

You did so and noticed something that you’ve never seen before.

To your left and right, as far as the eye can see, you became aware of other builders.

Together, you’ve been building a wall.  Some have made excellent progress on their section and some, like you, were tired.

Some persisted in spite of those who would seek to destroy their work and some were overcome by it.

In that moment, you realised that you’re not alone, but you’re still responsible for doing your part.

Encouraged and energised, you labour again exhorting those within earshot to do the same.

With fresh momentum you continue to build and the voices of the labourers drowns the sharp retorts of the saboteurs.

You realise again that you are building something magnificent and it would be tragic to stop now.

One day, people will marvel at your combined efforts and they will be grateful that you didn’t give up.

We’re either builders or destroyers.

If you’re a builder, there will be times when you feel like quitting.

Allow me to encourage you to keep going.

You’re not alone.

We who build alongside you are with you.

We need your section of the wall to be completed.

Keep building!

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