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Most people have an alarm clock that has a snooze button.

It enables us to set our alarm for a certain time, but keep pressing the button until we finally find the energy to roll out of bed half an hour later.

If you’re like most people, you can find the button in the dark, without even looking, to preserve your precious sleep-time.

Our morning routine thus goes like this – call to action, delay, then finally go, sometimes when it’s too late or we’re under pressure to get ready on time.

We see the snooze button as our little friend who protects us from facing the day, when in reality it’s a devious little device that gives us an excuse for delaying taking action and not taking full advantage of life’s opportunities.

Unfortunately, pressing the snooze button isn’t confined to our morning routines.

How often have we seen an opportunity to act, hesitated and then tried to do something, often when it’s too late?

Here are a few examples:

Opportunity to make a sale, delayed asking the closing question, customer walks out empty-handed.

Opportunity to respond to someone in need, hoped that someone else would do it, they leave feeling even more isolated.

Opportunity to make a great investment, overanalysed the situation, didn’t get in at the right price.

Opportunity to ask someone on a date, justified to yourself that there would be another chance in the future, she goes out with someone else.

Opportunity to step up and lead, didn’t make eye contact and kept your opinions to yourself, someone else takes the reins.

Opportunity to kick the winning goal, dallied with the ball, defence sweeps in to stop you.

Your alarm clock is a call to action.  When it goes off, we need to respond.

Every day, there will be opportunities to act.

When they come, don’t hesitate, don’t excuse yourself from doing the right thing, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll have another chance later, don’t leave it for someone else.

Remember, you snooze, you lose!

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