African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)

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Tigers are the largest of the big cats with male Siberian tigers reaching a length of up to 3.5 metres from nose to tail. 

They live in isolation and hunt alone, meaning that for all of their size and remarkable athletic ability, their success rate when hunting prey is only about 5-10%. 

Lions are truly magnificent animals who have harnessed the power of teamwork, with lionesses doing the majority of their hunting in groups of 3-7. 

Their ambushing techniques and ability to work together enables them to take down large prey and increases their hunting success rate to about 30%.

Then there is the relatively humble African wild dog.  Much smaller at a little over a metre in length, this species hunts in packs of up to 30 dogs, utilising their extraordinary stamina and vocal calls to coordinate their attacks with great effect.  Despite not being as glamourous as the big cats, the African hunting dog has a success rate of 80-90%.

Sometimes we are tempted to go our own way and try to achieve goals in isolation and occasionally even at the expense of others.

I would argue that we’re more successful when we assist other to achieve their goals whilst leveraging of the knowledge and experience of those around us to reach our own aspirations.

A great acronym for team is Together Everyone Achieves More. 

It reminds us that when we operate in a great team, contributing to others and allowing others to make their mark on our work, we are all able to succeed.

One final quote from John Maxwell wraps up the point nicely, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Who do you compare to, the tiger, the lion or the hunting dog?

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