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Some people plant weeds.

Much of what they do is toxic and unwanted.  They somehow take delight in destroying beauty and can be difficult to remove.  They’re prickly and instead of investing in their relationships with others, they choose to criticise and detract from those around them.  To them, the glass isn’t just half empty, it’s cracked and leaking.

People who plant weeds make a negative contribution to the world.

Some people plant radishes.

They’re not bad, but they hide underground and their influence is minimal and limited to one person at a time.  Perhaps they don’t have the confidence to aim for more and underestimate their capacity to impact a greater number of people.

People who plant radishes make a neutral contribution to the world.

Some people plant wheat.

Their positive influence impacts multiple people.  They are useful and always on the look out for ways to make a useful and meaningful difference in the lives of others.

People who plant wheat make a positive contribution to the world.

Some people plant oak trees.

The investment that they make in people and the world around them is such that it is still felt years after they’re gone.  They don’t take the short-term option, but always look ahead to the long-term future.  They understand that greatness comes when others rest in the shade of their legacy.

People who plant oak trees change the world for generations to come.

What are you planting?

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