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I shared this story at church yesterday.

There was a caterpillar who had gorged himself on leaves and then made a nice, comfortable cocoon out of silk and twigs.

Then, when it was time to break out of the cocoon, he refused to budge.

A voice came from outside of the cocoon, “It’s time to come out now.”

No response.

“It’s time to come out now!”

“I don’t want to!”

“It’s time to come out now!”  Repeated the voice gently but firmly.

“But I’m comfortable here, I feel safe here, I’m snug here, I know what to expect here.”  Responded the caterpillar defiantly.

“You weren’t transformed to hide away in a cocoon.  You have wings now, you were transformed to fly, to show the world your colours and to be magnificent.  You can’t do that from the safety of your cocoon.”

We all have a choice to make in life.

We can choose to stay in the cocoon that we have made for ourselves, where it is safe, warm and comfortable, but ultimately limiting and unfulfilling.

Or we can break out and fly, displaying our abilities for others to see and be influenced by.

The first option is safe, the second is risky, but there’s really only one choice if you want to be successful in your endeavours.

Don’t be a stubborn caterpillar, be a beautiful butterfly.

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