Vultures fly over the landscape looking for the dead carcasses that they rely on for food.

They have incredible eyesight and can spot a dead animal from miles away.

Hummingbirds fly over the landscape looking for the flowers that they feed on.

They are attracted by the bright colours and consume the sweet nectar inside the flower.

Vultures fly over flowers and hummingbirds fly over dead animals, but they only notice what they’re looking for.

We’re not that different ourselves.

If you are looking for negative, gloomy, depressing things to make you feel down about life, I can guarantee that you’ll find them.

However, if you’re looking for exciting, positive, joyful things to help you maintain an optimistic attitude, you will find them.

It’s possible for two people to be in exactly the same circumstances and have one find the rotting meat and the other find the beautiful flowers.

The ugliness and beauty of life are both there, often side by side.

But what you are looking for is what you’re likely to see and consume, impacting your attitude, your relationships and your level of influence.

What are you going to be, a hummingbird or a vulture?

Remember, it’s your choice!

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