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I used to think of books as luxury items.

I would spend $20-30 on a book that sits on the shelves for a few years with perhaps only the first chapter or so being read.

When the budget gets tight, I can’t justify buying them any more and so I don’t.

But perhaps I’ve got it all wrong.

Perhaps they’re not a luxury, but a necessity.

I realise now that buying (and more importantly reading) good books is a necessary investment in my development.

I know that I need to learn from the experiences and wisdom of people who are smarter than me and have taken the time to share what they’ve learned through the art of writing.

I know that buying books isn’t something that should happen when I have the spare money, but something that should be in the budget.

And I know that putting aside time to read isn’t something that should happen when I have spare time, it’s something that I should be putting aside time for.

If I want to be a better parent, husband, pastor, coach and christian, then I need to treat books as a necessity, not a luxury.

What about you?

Are books a luxury or a necessity?

And if they’re a necessity, what do you need to change?

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