At half-time of the 1989 AFL Grand Final the Hawthorn coach, the late Allan “Yabby” Jeans, looked around the rooms and saw a team in a lot of pain.

Although they were leading by 37 points, there were multiple injured players after a tough and spiteful first half against Geelong.

Yabby looked his players in the eye and told them this story:

A young boy went into a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes.

He had a choice between buying a cheap pair or an expensive pair.

He settled on the cheap pair and made his purchase.

Within hours, he regretted his decision, wishing that he had paid the price for a better pair of shoes.

Upon completing the story, the coach went from player to player.  He eye-balled them each, thrust his finger in their chests and asked them the same question in ever-increasing volumes.

“Are you willing to pay the price?  Today?  Now?”

The team went back out to the field of battle, some with tears in their eyes and they went on to win an epic contest by 6 points in what is widely regarded as one of the greatest grand finals in history.

I don’t know what your plans, goals or dreams are, but let me ask you the same question.

Are you willing to pay the price?

Or are you going to live a life of regret because you made do with a cheaper, easier alternative?

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