It’s easy to be a victim.

It’s easy to blame others for your current situation.

It’s easy to say that your marriage would be different if your spouse was different.

It’s easy to blame the government for a myriad of problems.

It’s easy to blame the economy for your financial woes.

It’s easy to blame your boss for your lack of satisfaction at work.

It’s easy to blame your staff for your lack of effectiveness as a leader.

It’s easy to blame your church for your lukewarm faith.

It’s easy to blame your genes for being out of shape.

It’s easy to blame your parents for how you turned out as an adult.

But we’re not interested in what’s easy are we?

No, we understand that success doesn’t come to those who take the easy route.

It comes to those who take responsibility for their current situation and do something about it.

Let’s remember that on those moments when we feel like a victim.

Let’s get back to thinking like a winner and watch what happens.

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