Many years ago, people were hunters and collectors.

They had spears as tools and to maintain their equipment they would sharpen the tips of their spears.

If they didn’t do it, eventually they didn’t eat.

Then people became agricultural.

They invented machinery like ploughs and made sure that they maintained them regularly so that they remained effective.

If they didn’t do it, eventually they didn’t eat.

Then came the industrial age.

Factories were built and production lines created.

Large machines were required to produce goods and people needed to maintain them on a regular basis.

If they didn’t, eventually they didn’t eat.

And now we’re in the knowledge age.

A time when we rely on the ingenuity of our ideas, our capacity to communicate effectively and our ability to solve complex problems.

Our primary tools are now our minds, so we need to maintain them, keeping them sharp, relevant and effective.

We need to read, study, learn, discuss and continue to grow and develop.

If we don’t, eventually we don’t eat.

Perhaps not literally, but you get the picture.

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