You don’t get wisdom by reading great books or blogs.

You don’t get wisdom by spending time with an amazing mentor.

You don’t get wisdom by attending conferences with the best motivational speakers.

You don’t get wisdom by going to university or night school.

You don’t get wisdom by observing those who are the leaders in your field.

You get it as you apply all that you’ve learned from the above.

You get it by taking risks, making mistakes and learning from your experiences.

You get it by making decisions and assessing your progress so that you can change your direction along the way.

You get it by scraping your knees and getting dirt under your fingernails.

You get it by finding out what works in your own context and circumstances.

I recently read a great quote from Jeff Foxworthy who said that, “Wisdom equals knowledge plus scars.”

It’s a great reminder to us all to make sure that in our search for wisdom, we need to balance gaining information with living life.

What do you do to increase your level of wisdom?

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