It starts with an aspiration to be successful at work or any other venture that we set our minds to.  We aim high and have bold plans, but soon realise that to be truly successful requires balance in other aspects of our lives.

Then we understand that there’s no point in having a thriving career if our kids are off the rails and our relationship with them is tenuous at best.

So we work backwards.

We invest in our children, spending time with them and building meaningful relationships with each of them.  We understand that it’s our responsibility to be the biggest influence in their life, so we put in place a strategy to make that happen.

But then we understand that to be a better parent means that we need to be a better spouse.

So we work backwards.

We learn that the foundation of excellent child raising is a solid marriage based on mutual love and respect.  We invest in our marriage, learning more about each other, recommitting to each other and trusting that when we give of ourselves to our partner, they will do the same.

Then we understand that to be a better husband or wife, we need to be better equipped ourselves for life.

So we work backwards.

We invest in our faith, spending structured time in prayer and reading the bible.

We invest in our health by resting, exercising and eating right so that we have the energy and vitality to carry out our various roles effectively.

We invest in our minds, reading vigorously and widely, expanding our perspectives and learning all that we can.

We equip ourselves for life, not because we’re self-absorbed, but because we understand that having a successful marriage, children and career require it.

In the midst of all of the competing responsibilities that we have, don’t forget to work backwards.

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