Our twins are now at an age when they are toilet trained during the day without any accidents, but they still need nappies at night-time.

This leads to what I call the “poo lottery.”

When we go to bed, we check on our kids and our son, Logan often has a lovely smelly surprise in his nappy for us.

Lately, I’ve found myself getting annoyed with him, muttering under my breath as I change him.  Then, when he doesn’t do a poo in his nappy I’m relieved.

It occurred to me that this isn’t the most resourceful way of looking at the situation.

Instead of getting cranky when something goes wrong and relieved when it goes right, I really should be celebrating the poo-less nights and not allowing the nights when I lose the lottery to impact me so negatively.

It occurred to me that this isn’t the only time when we do this.

Do you find yourself expecting the worst in life then responding with relief when things turn out right?

Or do you anticipate the good and celebrate it when it happens, whilst coping more resourcefully when things go wrong?

Just to make sure that I got the point, the night I had this thought, Logan not only dirtied his nappy, but he decided that when I had his nappy off would be a good time for him to wee all over himself and the bed as well.

He’s got a great sense of timing!

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