Soren Kierkegaard tells the story of the parable of the ducks.

There is a town where only ducks live.

Every Sunday the ducks waddle out of their houses and waddle down the main street to their church.

They waddle into the cathedral and squat in their pews.

The duck choir sings and then the duck pastor comes and reads from the duck bible.

He encourages them, “Ducks, God has given you wings!  With these wings you can fly!  With these wings you can rise up and soar like eagles!  No walls can confine you, no fences can hold you.  You have wings and you can fly like birds!”

All the ducks shout “Amen.”

And then they waddle home.

We weren’t born to live an ordinary, meaningless, average existence.

We have been given gifts, abilities, untapped potential, intelligence, energy, passion and dreams so that we can live an extraordinary life.

Don’t waddle, fly!

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