In his song “Next Year,” jazz musician Jamie Cullum lists a bunch of resolutions that he’s made.

Among other things, he’s gonna drink less beer, get up at a decent hour, read more books, keep up with the news, learn how to cook, pay his bills on time, only drink the finest wine and call his Gran every Sunday.

He then asks himself if he’ll keep these resolutions and acknowledges that the answer’s probably “no.”

You probably have a list of things that you’re putting off until next year.

Maybe next year is when you’ll lose weight, read more, be a better parent or get that big promotion.

If you have to wait before taking action on your goals, I can almost guarantee that you won’t do it.

Don’t wait until next year, start today.

I don’t know what sort of year this one has been for you, but it’s not over yet.  There’s still time to turn it into a success story, even if it’s been an ordinary one so far.

Take action now on your goals and begin building momentum that will carry you forward into the future.

Next year?  I hope that you do something significant.

But in the mean-time, make the most of now!

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