For some people, their best work happened in the past.

It may have been years ago or it may have been recently.

It may have been a high school basketball game, closing a big sale or getting that promotion that they had been working hard for, but whatever it was, their still basking in the glory of it.  Everything since has been less significant and the bar has been lowered, probably for life.

For some people, their best work is taking place now.

They’re in the middle of an exciting project and they’re on the cusp of something brilliant.  It’s exciting, it’s stimulating and the momentum is powerful.

For some people, their best work is yet to come.

They’re still building towards that big audacious goal, learning, developing and making steady progress.  It’s a dream that’s becoming a reality and there’s comfort in knowing that they haven’t peaked yet.

For some people, their best work is too far away to be attainable.

They had a dream once, but now it’s lost.  They could have created something phenomenal, but there were too many obstacles, too many critics and now there seems to be no chance of the vision coming to pass.

Or so they think.

I want to encourage you today that your best work is still ahead of you.

There’s still more to learn, more to achieve, more to strive for.

So keep going, don’t settle for yesterday’s glory and don’t give up.

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